Break even point??? …… Hell No!!

Thanks to my not so glorious past and those of my friends, at a very early age I had applied one of our first lessons in economics “Break even point” to relationships, especially dating.

According to this theory, the Break even point of most relationships is one and a half years, coz it takes precisely that much time to truly get to know a person, if you like them, if you can’t stand them or certain habits which irritate the hell out of you, and only if you cross this period do you really get into enjoying that particular relationship.

And yes, I have finally crossed it completing 2 years today with the most perfect guy tailor made for me..(**blushing**).. And by tailor made I mean not consisting all the qualities I wished for when I was a teenager but tailor made for what I really need… and that’s what Girls should really want…. and one quality which is a must.. He has to be able to make you laugh considering most girls are moody and if not then definitely when they are PMSing… for eg. today during our dinner date in a fine dining restaurant, there were tiny chicken spring rolls with an almost negligible transparent wrapper, and only when I was unwrapping mine, did he realise that “Oh that’s why my roll tasted weird and chewy”…OMG he ate the wrapper!!!! LOL

When I was a teenager, with the exciting start of the dating phase which had many funny names like “going out” and “carrying on” in the late 90s n early 00′, my mum gave me a very good advice- “Don’t choose from the pond, look around, travel n choose from the ocean” which I very happily altered and interpreted it in a manner which suited me the most.. but today I know that those words are like precious pearls of wisdom.

Today I know that all those heartaches and heartbreaks were worth every bit when I have finally met the One!! And trust me… finding him wasn’t easy at all (which I’ll tell you about in another blog) but coming back to the point, while reading the how to interpret laws in the Companies Act 1956, I realised that those 6 main rules of Interpretations apply to relationships too!!

1. Rule of Literal Interpretation- Unless both of you have literally confessed to each other about your feelings towards each other, it does not constitute a relationship!

2. Rule of Reasonable Interpretation- Your habits and choices have to be reasonably similar.. for eg. imagine an untidy dirty person with an OCD…( trust me, it only looks good in Salaam Namaste) 

3. Rule of Harmonious Interpretation- If being together makes you better individuals… then the future is definitely bright..

4. Rule of Beneficial Interpretation- Yes!! this may sound conspiring but if not beneficial then why be in it in the first place!!

5. Rule of Exceptional Interpretation- Open relationships are individual choices but cheaters and liars are a disgrace… so you both have got to be faithful!!

6. Ejusdum Generis-  Being in a relationship should in general make sense, i.e. if it is one ( I am totally for Flings.. hehe… so obviously this is an exception)

 Well and above all these there should be undying, unconditional, unreasonable and uncontrollable amount of love!!! Too preachy for my first blog so I guess I should stop!!! Love All!!


2 thoughts on “Break even point??? …… Hell No!!

  1. I love rule #2. It only looks good in movies. Birds of a feather flock together is the right thing to apply to relationships.

    Love your first post, can’t wait to see what all you have in store 🙂

  2. The 6 rules???!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!! Had never imagined anybody could find a meaning out of those horrible rules in this way!!! Very well said but!!!!!!!

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