Deja Vu

I am sure most people have experienced this phenomenon called Deja Vu (means “already seen” in French). I experience it on a regular basis which got me onto doing some research which I would like to share. Scientifically it is a result of overlapping neurological systems in our brains responsible for short term and long term memory. But the part which really freaked me out was that it is also linked with major serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety and dissociative identify disorder (FYI, both of my grandparents had Alzhiemers disease). Scary isn’t it? (I can almost imagine my Doc friend Pamela jump up, hehe)

Well there is another angle to it according to Spirituality, its called “Intuition”. The power of pre-empting a situation or having prior knowledge. I absolutely believe that everyone (especially women) have some sort of sixth sense which helps them to be prepared for different types of situations. That’s when most of us say, “I knew it !!!”.

In my case, I get the feeling of Deja Vu in the silliest of situations, for example the other day while driving through a particular road, my mum and me were discussing about a friend’s honeymoon photos and that when I got the feeling that I have spoken about the same thing on this road only, which is when I got thinking that I definitely need a Check Up!!

During High School, my bestie Tanya and me were hooked onto reading books from the Teacher’s Section (basically prohibited for students), which is when we stumbled upon books written by Dr. Brian Weiss. He is a psychiatrist and uses methods like hypnosis, past life regression etc. to heal his patients and thus began writing books based on his experiences. The book which excited us the most was “Only Love is Real” in which while treating two patients of his separately using past life regression, he realises that they are indeed soul mates, but he leaves it upon fate to reunite them, which eventually happens. He has explained that only one touch or an eye contact at times is enough to recognise your soul mate.

On May 22nd, 2012 I had gone to watch the Indian Premier League Semi Final Cricket Match between Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata Knight Riders at the Stadium with a friend who had called his other friends too. It was when he introduced me to one particular friend that I completely lost interest in the match. It was too sunny and he was too tall, so eye contact was out of question, but with one shake hand and a glance the first thing both us said together to each other was, “Have we met before?”. We spent the entire evening and night trying to figure out where could we have possibly met before. And before we knew it, we met almost every alternate days after that and in 10 days we were in a relationship and committed in a month’s time. And 2 years later the question still remains, Have we really met before??? which is incidental to the question “Are we really soul mates or just experienced Deja Vu???


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