Yes the most clichéd topic. One thing I am definitely not good at, may be because of my upbringing wherein I was taught to love my family above all. At school when it was a classmate’s birthday, it was a fad to distribute dairy milk chocolates in the class. I would never eat it at school nor would I give to anyone at school, my friends would definitely think I was mean but that was nothing compared to the joy I got by sharing it with my sister. We would carefully open the wrapper so that the golden foil inside does not tear so that we could use it later in art and craft and then eat the melted chocolate using all our fingers… What fun!!

Being like this, I prefer having just a handful of friends whom I intend to keep for life time. And I love them all unconditionally just the way they are and could give my life for them. The one thing common between all my girls is that they all are so Strong!!! and in all different ways which makes me learn from them every day. They all live for a purpose and have their own views and opinions about everything. None of them takes shit from any third person and they all give it back in such a classy way that I just stand awestruck. Some of them are also trained in different forms of martial arts so usually their first conversation with my bf includes statements like If you hurt her, I will hunt you down and hurt u in places you can’t imagine.. Hehe

Growing up, moving to different cities, getting married, busy jobs has created some distance but I know that all is fine when we talk and the one most popular question is the ice breaker i.e. What is happening in your love life??? Instantly stories and photos are shared and indefinite no. of comments are made. In most cases the duration of the relationship discussed eventually comes out to be true too!!

But yes, being my close friend is not an easy job. I fight, I fight a lot. Hahaha. It is only after the survival of the friendship after the first fight that the seal is locked which will break only if there is an extremely serious reason. I can fight on the silliest of the topics which I never remember later on and thank God they all have the patience to bear with me and my nonsense.

In all of this there is one friend with whom I can share anything under the sun, its my pen friend (more like my internet friend now thanks to technology). I can almost imagine most people thinking I am a lunatic who has a pen friend in this day and age. We started off on Orkut, chatted on yahoo, graduated to facebook and now finally Skype calls but without video!! And its been more than seven long years with numerous fights in this love hate relationship. He is a maths genius and he does play poker!!! With him, I do most of the talking cause he says ” I love listening to you and your crazy stories”. We even studied all night long together with yahoo chat on!! Without meeting me or seeing me on video, he can within a minute get to know my mood. He knows exactly what my reaction would be to any given situation. He definitely knows me more than anyone else and that’s why after fighting and months of not talking he knows I will come around and talk. I guess the reason he is one of my main support systems is because we haven’t met and we decided that we will never meet unless destiny ever makes us meet. And maybe in future I will write about meeting him.. Lets c!!



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