The Noise is leaving Office!!

Well by Noise I mean my batch of articles especially the girls. We have successfully completed 3 years of CA articleship and our first day feels just like yesterday!!

And no we did not refer to ourselves as Noise cause it was cool or something but even on our first day, we sat in the conference room filling our joining forms and made so much noise that within the first hour we were told to keep our voices down, which became a thing of everyday whenever we were in office (we spend most of the time at client place separately, so when we meet.. we had all the catching up to do)

These three years were mind boggling, where we “trying” to learn everything about everything and not only audit. Getting out of our comfort zones and meeting deadlines after deadlines. Attending classes before and after work. Trying to make sure that at least our notes were 50% complete if not attendance. But the things we learnt the most at PwC were all “P’s”-

1. Planning- From having a completely messed up room and cupboard to a perfectly organized laptop with client wise, engagement wise, project wise, FSLI wise, Testing wise classified folders

2. People Management- From not knowing what your sibling is doing in the next room to knowing how to deal with various people from different backgrounds and blending with them

3. Performance- From losing one point in a game did not matter much cause we could cover up to delivering quality output efficiently and effectively

4. Personality development- From wearing only t-shirt, shorts and jeans to wearing Indian Salwar suits everyday just so that people would take you more seriously at work

5. Patience and Poise- From jumping at the sight of your favourite food to maintaining your cool in the most critical times

6. Perseverance- No matter what is happening in your life (like my engagement) but still working diligently to meet every single deadline

7. Public Relations- First word I learnt when I joined “Jugaad” which basically means doing your work by hook or by crook. I barely knew Hindi or Marathi at the beginning and now I sound almost like a pro just to get data out of client!!

So much and much more did we learn and still our HR tells us “You guys haven’t changed a bit since you joined” cause we do what we do best “Laugh”!!!! Come what may and we laugh at every kind of situation!! Definitely feeling a sense of achievement!!


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