An Ugly Indian Truth

Even though I was born in a Brahmin Family, being very religious was never really our thing. Mom’s parents are doctors and dad’s family included communists. So from the beginning we were taught how to be practical and logical and not otherwise.

Staying in Africa for most of my early life, respect and greetings were utmost important. Our Driver Hassan who is with us since I was 6 years old made sure I said “Good Morning” to everyone I met on the way to school at 7am (half asleep) 

I did not even know my exact caste till I came to India after 12th grade. Everyday since then I am made to feel that I am “Chittapavan Kokanastha Brahman” (a.k.a. kobra) who are pretty infamous for their shrewd and stingy behaviour. So every time I say my surname eyebrows are raised and they remind me “Oh so you are a Kobra”. Like I did not know that and I could just punch you straight on your face but all the anger is hidden by a weak grin, cause if you get defensive then people say stop complaining cause you are a part of the privileged society!!! WTF.. I was born like that, not my fault.

 Practising discrimination due to caste system is just the most disgusting thing ever!!!! In this day and age calling another person a backward caste and hence not wanting to form an alliance with them.. WHAAATTTT????

Castes were introduced in ancient India according to your profession mainly for administration purposes (and egos of some idiots). It was encouraged even more during the British Rule!!! In every history textbook it has been mentioned that the British used the Policy of Divide and Rule. Ever occurred to people that British have left but the policy still remains active. For God’s sake you are an Indian first!!!! But obviously this we remember only during India Pakistan cricket matches right?

Our great politicians are doing exactly that. These politicians do absolutely nothing for improvement of the people but just assure them one thing “If your are attacked by the people of other castes/ communities/ religions, I will back you up” and that’s it, Vote Banks are created. Why bribe when we have the most powerful weapon of caste system?

Reservations are all together another issue. I am not against reservations but I believe that these should be strictly made for people who are below the poverty line and are facing financial crisis. But reservations on the basis of a certificate? that even though I am extremely rich but I belong to a certain caste so I have an advantage over others is just unfair!

I also respect families who believe in arranged marriages and want their son/ daughter to get married to a person from the same community cause obviously marriage is easier when both come from the same background. At the same time Honour Killing!! You are so overwhelmed by your caste and have succumbed to the society that your are ready to kill our own child!!

Its heart breaking to see a person being judged by his/her caste/ creed/ community/ religion. Do decide if by discriminating are you feeling good or is it just boosting your ego?







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