You are UGLY!!!!!

So imagine you were born with a big mole on your forehead…all your life people have made fun of your big mole…. Not a day goes by without people noticing it… They have various things to say to you… Some will sympathise saying can’t you do something about it…. Some might pass a comment like you can’t imagine her/ him to think normally with that mole on her/ his head and everyone around you bursts out laughing…. For a comment like this there is no comeback… Cause they back it up by saying just kidding, no hard feelings… You can’t even abuse because abusing is just a sign of accepting defeat in an argument and you are too old to throw a fit… So what do you do? Give a weak smile and that’s about it… End of story… Your day is ruined… At night you try pulling it out but instead you bruise yourself and wake up with a red face… You try convincing your parents to surgically remove it but they say.. Sweetheart try noticing the more beautiful things in life and not a mole…whereas as all you feel is that the first thing people notice about you is your mole and rarely few of them get past that to know who you really are… And the horror of meeting new people is just unimaginable… Shopping is another nightmare because all you think is what should I wear that people will notice how good I look apart from that evil mole on my head.. So your self confidence is usually rock bottom and how much can your loved ones save you or defend you.

Have I made you feel bad enough or maybe I should remind you the days when you get a new pimple or a tan and you are desperately trying to get rid of it…. So then tell me why do most people think they were born with the birth right to make fun of people who are overweight or have some physical defect… Isn’t it just another type of racism too?

I am overweight but not obese and I have faced such harsh comments all my life and I continue to but getting older does make you wise and gives you the strength to be happy still… Being good at studies was just the bonus point I have and I used it to get an amazing education that now there are a few people who refrain from making fun of me but it doesn’t stop there….

One of the recent incidents was such that I was friends with a couple and am not anymore for obvious reasons… The guy would constantly make jokes on my body… He had the audacity to tell me that only your boyfriend will accept you the way you are … And you know what I never told him anything.. Not even that he was overweight too or that he had such a big butt that the whole world made fun of it and people in office thought he was gay… I kept quiet not only cause I considered him as a friend but I wouldn’t ever give someone the grief I go through everyday… And when I tried telling his girlfriend my grief… She said to me… You are just incapable of taking jokes on you and because of this you will never have any friends in your life… In reality he has been cheating on her for more than 5 years and she has no clue till date!!!! Guess who is the joke really on???

For a very long time I was brooding over losing this friendship but then I learnt a very important lesson… You do not need people in your life who are constantly trying to demean you… Trust me…they mean no good..only you are getting hurt all the time… I read a very good article last month which was on 15 types of toxic people you should not take with you in 2015… Indeed I am in a much better place with a whole big gang of friends whom I love to the moon and back…

So just a thought… If you are incapable of having a conversation without mentioning the weight, looks or caste of a person.. Then consider yourself as just a literate person and not educated…

Be toxic free…from inside and outside!!!


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