The Elders

One of the first ever lessons we as toddlers learn is to respect the elders and especially if you belong to the southern part of India then the respect thing reaches a whole new level. It would be a sin if you disrespect an elder even if they are your elder brother/ sister and what happens next is exactly how Russel Peter’s father says “Somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad”. I remember my mom telling this one story time and over again that when she was young and her father would call her or her sister… they would run and be in front of him even before he completed saying their names…And I would go like seriously???

Obviously now I know that Elders may be elder to you by age but that doesn’t make them right… after all crimes are committed mostly by elders only… but coming to this conclusion took up a lot of time… One of the first instances I remember was when I was in 8th grade in a boarding school…. One day a teacher lined up a bunch of girls and just pulled me in them. She gave each one of us a slap and when I opened my mouth to tell her that I haven’t done anything wrong, she thought I was laughing and slapped me two times more on each cheek… Wow… big blow for someone who never did anything wrong!!! 5 slaps for reaching the line late because I was having a tough time tying my shoe lace.. a problem I still have…lol..

As I grow up my dilemma just become even more worse….During my first year at work, I had a tough time trying to prove that I was right cause not answering back to any elder was embedded way too deep inside me and at the end I would only get hurt… My immediate boss once took me out for a walk and said I know it is difficult but learn to curt and assertive else these people are just going to take you for a ride…. By the third year I learnt well and today I am capable of making a grown man cry but I chose not to so many times….I am emotional but not submissive…

Today it was so difficult for me to be curt with my maid… And just me speaking like that was enough indication to my maid that I was pissed off and the job was done well…. One of the biggest crimes I might have done is show my middle finger to the car behind with my mom sitting next to me because he was honking continuously in the hope that I would break the signal and later I realised it was a middle aged man…Well but road rage is just another scene cause one day even one of the most innocent souls like my mom managed to say the word bastard to another driver and I went in a state of shock that my mom actually knew an abuse…. hahahaha

This is why the worst sin anyone can do to me is insult my family especially my 2 sets of parents…I would give the person just one chance to explain himself if he is important else he will be one of the last persons I ever talk to…..

So then why can’t parents just teach us to respect elders but at the same time tell us that they may not be right and sometimes you have to take your own judgement call…


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