Confessing my love and moving on…

Some people spend their entire life in one house and others like me just keep moving from houses, cities and countries without ever feeling satisfied. It is not the nomad or hippie culture, just the hunger to move to perceived greener pastures.

I had visited pune a few times during our annual India trips and was far from being a fan of this city. The only reason I chose to move to this city after my 12th was because my father guaranteed giving me a bike and a car if I moved here mainly because people hardly use the local transporation (which seventeen year old would refuse this offer???). So I thought that I would have to bear with this city for just a few years and get out as soon as possible…

And that took a good 7 years time… Never did I ever think that it would be so hard leaving this place… My hubby to be had a good laugh seeing me pouring buckets and I have to confess that I’m indeed in love with this city… The city known for its attitude… A popular tag line used for people coming to this city “keep your attitude to yourself cause we have ours” hehe… Don’t mistake this for any egotistical attitude, people here just do things at their own leisure time and come what may no one will ever alter their schedule for you.. Especially shopkeepers, plumbers, electricians and the like… Shops seldom open before 9am, then a compulsory break from 1pm to 4pm so that the owners can have a good afternoon nap and shops shut at 9pm… Over the time you just get used to this laid back life… There is an Indian saying that ” work done in haste is the devil’s work” and people here truly live life by this…

My mom calls this the foodie town, not because you get the best food here, in fact the worst chaat food ever but absolutely no one cooks in the house on weekends and the whole city is out at various restaurants. Don’t be surprised to be on the waiting list of famous hotels even on a Monday night… And the most famous meal for socialising is Sunday morning breakfast!!! Seemed extremely odd to me in the beginning as to why would anyone give up their precious sleep but then it’s just the lifestyle here and you get to see 60 plus people catching up with their friends of 20 years having the same old items… For some reason such views mesmerise me more than any historical monument ( Ah yes, I have never gone inside shaniwar wada!!!!)

The biggest advantage of this city is that you can travel from one end of the city to the other in maximum one hour and there are several routes to reach one place that even google maps gives you so many route options… Hehe… But then travellers are at the mercy of the fleecing rickshaw drivers…. Prime reason why pune is not only an IT hub but also home to numerous automobile manufacturers….

The weather here is kickass!!! Apart from the 4 summer months, you can thoroughly enjoy every weather here!! And almost all nights here are pleasant with chilly winters by which I don’t mean snowfall but cold enough for people to show off their fancy winter wear!!!! The numerous day trips to lonavala, mahabaleshwar, lavasa etc which are maximum 1-3 hours away… the romantic rains and walking through the clouds at sinhagad fort… the unforgettable night drives to tiger point where you get assorted pakodas, maggi noodles, tea coffee at even 3am!!!! These might sound dangerous but then you bump policemen everywhere and might I add that they are extremely friendly… One night Kartik and I had gone to report a rash drunk driver, not only did the officer inform all the checkpoints but even invited us to join them for dinner cause they were having a very modest birthday party of a colleague… Such memories do stay with you for life….

Here you make so many unimportant yet decent acquaintances, that the shopkeeper from whom I buy my glasses recognised my mom’s sister because of the mere resemblance.. Beat that!!! I have met equal number of temporary people here who indeed came in my life for a reason and left when the purpose was achieved and that too without any drama…

And last but not the least, I have made some friends for life and found my life partner here… Pune has completely spoilt me and I guess once a person has lived here it is very difficult to adjust to any place else…Leaving this city with loads of memories and wish to come back soon….


One thought on “Confessing my love and moving on…

  1. I came across your blog when I was browsing for blogs on Pune. I had to laugh when you said ‘worst chaat food’. I am from Pune and live in Bangalore currently. Everytime I think about paani puri, I think back with a sigh to Kalyan Bhel or Varsha Bhel which is popular in my neighborhood. Guess, you should not definitely not be moving to Bangalore if you find Pune chaat bad 😀 It was nice reading about Pune. I hope you have a good time wherever you are headed next.

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