An Anti-feminist Empath

It’s well known amongst my close friends that I’m not a feminist inspite of living in a country like India. The reason is simple, the entire war is being fought against the wrong people.

Women keep asking men to respect them and treat them as equals etc. But have they ever stopped to think about the root cause? Yes, men are definitely guilty of objectification of women but if they think you are below them, there must be some place they are being instilled with such thoughts. Look no further, it’s their homes only.

Nobody brings down women as much as other women. Just scroll down on the newsfeed on Facebook. Everyday I find atleast one post from a single female friend, that says things like I don’t need a husband to buy diamonds or I strive to be self sufficient without a husband etc. These women think they are showing men how independent they are but the truth is men absolutely don’t pay heed to such posts. So in reality, all these posts are doing, is putting down housewives or other pampered wives. Have you ever seen men posting things demeaning other men? They barely even demean rapists publicly! If a man gets married young, most men will first make fun of him that he balled in so early, but later they will be happy that he found love so early. Feminists aren’t that generous.

My husband and I got married young inspite of not completing our higher education. I’m at the brink of completion so basically I’m a student housewife for the past 9 months. For this so many people have judged me, none of them being men. We recognised each other as soulmates and marriage was a natural progression of our relationship.

Passing a competitive exam in India needs a lot of luck too and I have taken my sweet time to complete it. There was one particular girl, who asked me why don’t you just leave it, start working immediately or else when will your life start? I just smiled, chose not to reply, not because I did not have one but because she wouldn’t understand it.

Her meaning of life starting was earning good money so that you can buy all the expensive materialistic things in life. I somehow never had this need burning inside me. Life has been happening since I was born and I’m pretty sure my soul isn’t having a human experience so that I can “afford to buy things”.

If it wasn’t for the relentless complaints from my family, I would have happily spent my entire life with the existing number of clothes that I have. My idea of an ideal life would be me, locked up in a library, learning about everything possible under the sun, especially quantum physics, anthropology and different studies of spirituality.

The most disappointing part is that I have barely found any girls around me who have such thoughts!! To them I’m just a plus sized nerd with no fashion sense!

I started writing blogs about being an Empath just so that I could find more female Empaths! And if you are one, please contact me, I would love to hear from you.


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