The Spiritual Drug

I am sure after reading the title of this blog, some of you might remember the blue pill or red pill offered to Keanu Reeves in The Matrix! Trust me, every time someone comes up to me and says we know about your gifts, I am like what??? I for sure haven’t had any pills nor did my mother do anything special when she was carrying me. She is definitely a catalyst to my spiritual awakening process. I am 26 years old and I have finally accepted spirituality as my essential process of being. I don’t shy away from it nor do I actively seek to discuss it. Self awareness and mindfulness are now integrated in my daily life. Breaking through the illusion is a constant effort. Dissecting every thought, situation and experience to learn lessons which will lead to self realisation is the aim.

I recently attended a Satsang (hindu spiritual gathering) hosted by my mother in law for chanting the 108 powerful shlokas (verses or sermons) in praise of Goddess Lakshmi. It is considered a very big and important affair, with more than 25 ladies chanting at once! My mom had a surreal experience with her crown chakra rotating. I was a mere spectator to all of it, and observed everyone and everything keenly. There was a 3 year old girl who had accompanied her mother, who wasn’t really a hindrance but wouldn’t sit still either. One lady in particular caught my attention, she was sitting in front next to the Guru which is basically an important position and yet she was playing with the little girl all with a smile! There were many others who were getting bothered by the constant movement of the little girl. As Bama, my husband’s paternal grandmother who is an amazing combination of spirituality and religion, describes it, that today’s religion is extremely mechanical. Everyone is absorbed in following the technicalities of the rituals rather than understanding the actual meaning. This applies to all religions. What is the use of these prayers and chantings if in reality your character and behaviour hasn’t improved? If you aren’t polite and kind to everyone around you without differentiating between people and practicing unconditional love all the time and not just when it is convenient to you, how will these shlokas have the powerful effect on you that they are supposed to have?

I have completely stopped being religious, not because I don’t believe in them, but because I want to be completely self aware and reduce my ego to the lowest level possible before I practice it. I do believe that these shlokas help in increasing a person’s vibrational frequencies since I have seen amazing effects of them on my mom and Bama. I do recite a few verses in my mind to go into a meditative state, but not in front of an idol or photo. Understanding spirituality with a logical and questioning mind is my approach and I don’t accept anything on face value so easily. There are many people out there who have different views on religion and I dont disregard or discount their opinions, but my question to them is how have non religious people in the West achieved self realisation without reciting a single verse in their lives? Jule Gaiges, one of my mom’s spiritual gurus in the US being one of them.

Just like my mom, I too at times go into a state of trance inspite of being surrounded by many people. I am slowly rising above the characteristics of an Empath. Only spiritually aware persons and one other category can relate to the magical feeling of trance. The other category is those who consume illegal drugs. By saying this I have pretty much validated the fact that every person has the innate desire to be in that level of vibrational frequency where there is only peace of mind.

In all what I have read, spirituality does not define consuming alcohol or drugs as a bad karma as such, but it so happens that majority of the actions of intoxicated persons tend to be negative. I do have friends who consume drugs and I have seen the effects. Not a single one of them has progressed in any material sense even from the time they started consuming them. Most of their arguments are that even Shiva, the God of destruction and the most powerful God as per Hinduism also smoked Ganja or weed. One factor that they are all missing is that Shiva being a highly spiritual being, knew how to utilize the state of trance for things like astral projection/ astral travel.

Many Self righteous people question me, that how can you hang out with such persons and be present when everyone around you is either consuming alcohol or smoking pot when you are now a teetotaler. My reply is very simple to such people, I completely understand the fact of keeping our lives drama free, but when you yourself can be so rude, mean or negative to people around you in spite of practicing religion in its highest form, then how different are you from those who equally want the same level of trance but by incorrect means? These people wouldn’t be my friends in the first place if they were such negatively polarised persons. Point is that there is no point in being so judgemental cause all it does is enhance the person’s ego who is being judgemental!




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