Those micro second love stories

One of my favourite dialogues from the Sex and the city movie is “Some love stories aren’t epic novels, some are short stories. But, that doesn’t make them any less filled with love”.

But here I am not only talking about love stories which transcend into a relationship, I am talking about the ones which may have lasted for just a few minutes or even seconds like a conversation or a glance exchanged with a stranger. The ecstasy you experience in those moments which isn’t accompanied by any kind of need or greed! The state of trance filled with unconditional love!!

Those who are aware of spirituality, must have figured out that these are nothing but meetings with a soul from the same soul family whose connection in this human form isn’t necessary for the lessons to be learnt, but those meetings nevertheless ignite some kind of happiness, hope, strength, faith etc within us. There is an absence of any kind of  fear or doubt. These moments where our alter ego/ shadow self has been successfully overcome by our innate awareness of being one!

And I guess having this feeling for every soul around, be it a ferocious animal or an ant, is what self-realisation is truly about!



2 thoughts on “Those micro second love stories

  1. But the (so-called) soul choosing the current human body is only by chance. The very act of one’s own birth as a human is not anyway in control of the soul taking a body. This very experience of the existential being itself can not be described in words since these are too corrupt or rather just incapable of describing the experience. As long as one doesn’t drop the physical the existential is just not in our experience. And as soon as we do drop the body, whatever that is, is just unknown to the human language. The only thing the physical can do is – (putting in the best way) being in the present physical moment and being available and responsive to the grace, rather than living in the various concepts beyond human bodily perception.

  2. Well what you are saying is the eternal difference of opinion between a believer and non-believer of spirituality, and there is nothing wrong with that either. My only point is you don’t have to be spiritually inclined to feel a continuous sense of unconditional love towards everyone around. It is only in process of having that feeling do people realise themselves. If you are able to achieve that state in any manner possible, there is nothing like it. In my blog I am only describing that feeling I have when I meet certain people because I have not reached the stage of self realisation. Being unconditionally loving should not be a matter of convenience nor time or place! It can very much be while you are sitting alone in your room. Grace is what you display when in presence of other beings!

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